Take time to prepare yourself for what's to come. There are always going to be changes in this life, unexpected twists and turns but don't let that stop you from accomplishing your goals and living your dreams. Take a moment to look around and notice as things fall into place. When you feel like there is no where else to go chose up. Here are some techniques to  help you move in that direction.
Whenever we hit the go button it means that we are abandoning fear and doubt and trusting that we are ready for whatever lies ahead. Don't underestimate yourself, you have what it takes to do great things if you only believe. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for what's coming next.
As we take time to honor the men and women who have made it this far on their journey to recovery, let us support the cause by changing our mindset. We often think of people in recovery as weak and fragile but they are just individuals like you and me who lost their way on their journey. Here are some ways that we all can support them.
Sometimes in life we need to begin again. Its never easy to start over but it can be rewarding. When we remain in our comfort zone for too long, we miss out on opportunities that could enhance our growth. Here are some ways that can help you to have a fresh start.
When we look at all that we are exposed to on a daily basis its no wonder we live in fear. Society has taught us to be afraid of the unknown. It is normal to have some anxiety but not to become paralyzed by it. Today I want to highlight some steps you can take to help overcome fear.
We are in a race, the race of life. We have learned about survival of the fittest, but how do we move ahead and endure till the end. I want you to know that it is not an easy race but there is hope that we can finish. Here are some skills that we need to get to the finish line.
Tell someone they have to wait for something that they have been waiting on for a long time and watch as their faces change, tell them that its not ready yet and watch their demeanor. We live in a society where waiting feels like an eternity; five minutes feels like ten and ten feels like twenty. I am  here to tell you that there are some things worth waiting for and they cannot be rushed. It is natural to get frustrated when we feel that something is taking too long but what if we knew that whatever we were waiting on needed to be just right so that we would enjoy it more, appreciate it more, value it and grow from the experience, would it then be worth the wait? Here are some things you can do while you wait on your dreams and goals to come into fruition.
Many times we fail to move quickly when a door has been opened and miss out on what could be the greatest opportunity for us. We allow doubt and fear to settle over us and then we remain stuck in our situation, wondering why we are not advancing. Take a risk, take a chance because the opportunity your waiting on may not come back around.Here are some ways to determine whether to jump or stay planted.
Today we take some time to recognize child sexual abuse, a sad and unfortunate topic that still makes us all uncomfortable to have to talk about, but if we don't, the cycle will continue.  Here are some ways in which we can all play our part in making sure that we educate each other and know about available resources.
Sometimes we try to take matters into our own hands rather than waiting for the right kind of help. There's nothing wrong with being independent but we cannot do it all alone.  We need each other to survive. Listed below are some ways that we can all work together to accomplish our goals and dreams.


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